There are many acts of service you can do when it comes to forensics. The biggest one would definitely be when student’s parents bring food. There’s always parents that bring dinner on Friday night, Saturday morning breakfast, and saturday night dinner. We are always very thankful for their kind service. There are concessions at tournaments but it always costs money. And usually the food is things you would find in a vending machine, not actual meals. We went the first two years not having parents sign up to bring food until we realized that some students were starving during the entire tournament. It is not healthy to perform when you don’t have anything in your system. Forensics is a very physically demanding thing (well, sometimes). Whenever you are doing an HI, Storytelling, or even a duo, you can very easily get hot, sweaty, and warn out. So it’s best to eat beforehand and have water bottle for afterwards!



Whenever you are performing a piece, and you mess up, you try to play it off and act like you didn’t and keep going. If you mess up, you improvise. You improvise until you get yourself back on track. Sometimes improvising can backfire and can through you off completely and change the entire story. For instance, a person on my team was doing his humorous interpretation of Pocahontas. In one part of his piece he bends down really fast. When he did it this time, he ripped his boxers, luckily not his pants, but at the time, he thought his pants were ripped too. He was a little distracted by it and lost track of where he was, so he needed to improvise. He was so focused on the judges not knowing his pants were ripped and trying to figure out how to do the blocking of a scene that wouldn’t involve him turning around that he mixed up his lines and accidentally killed John Smith. He somehow still got the 1 in the room.


Healing is a process that everyone has to experience. Everyone has to experience this because everyone goes through some type of pain. In fact everyone probably experiences every type of pain there is at some point in your life. Except men giving birth. That’s not a thing. But with pain, comes healing. I think this is something people tend to forget. Once there’s in physical or emotional pain, they are too focus on what’s causing the pain rather than knowing that there will be a day when it won’t hurt anymore. It’s a hard thing to make yourself think about when you’re in the midst of dealing with pain.


I thought that video of Jack Hoffman making a touchdown for Nebraska was very moving and powerful. It was great seeing the team work together to make this day a great day for Jack. Teamwork is a very powerful thing. It an entire team of people working with each other to achieve a goal. In forensics, most of the events that you do are individual. But yet, you’re on a team. Our school’s forensics team was very big on team building. It was extremely important to us that we were all close and were comfortable around each other. It showed through our years that the closer we got as a team, the better we would do as a team. My sophomore year of high school, we did the most team building activities, and we won sweeps at every tournament that year. We were undefeated. If you have friends and other individuals with you, supporting you and working toward the same goal, you are unstoppable.

A Song With Meaning

I would say a song with meaning would have to be The Climb by Miley Cyrus. This explains the journey in forensics perfectly. You have to work your way to the top, then once you’re at the top, you have to work to stay there. But, in reality, it’s not about being at the top. It’s about the journey you’re making, the choices you make, and who you meet along the way. Those are the things you will remember the most. Sure the top is rewarding, but it won’t mean anything if the journey you had wasn’t a good one. You have to make the best of yourself and make good choices. If not, then what’s the point?


Sometimes fame comes with forensics. Really this only happens whenever you qualify to nationals and make finals. Whenever you make finals in nationals you are performing in front of about 1,000 people rather than the 6 or 7 people in just your room. Also you are being recorded to be put on a DVD and distributed to every high school that has a forensics team in america.They will watch and study your performance to better themselves. I have been to forensics camps with instructors who have been on the finals stage who I have watched numerous times to improve myself. It is a very big deal. Normally only the people in forensics find this to be a big deal. No one else really knows who they are. That just is all apart of it. But whenever you do become “forensics famous” it is a very big deal!


It is very easy to become under appreciated in forensics. Espeicially if you do not start off strong in the tournament season. If this happens, those that have been doing better than you will already be 5 steps ahead of you. There are always people that excel in forensics and those that are the underdogs. If you are an underdog, but happen to have a great piece that will do really well, it may be hard to get yourself up to the top of the list. Those that have been better than you are expected to still be better than you. Your coach may think that maybe you just had a judge that didn’t know what they were doing, or maybe you just happened to have a really good round. Your coach will not jeopardize giving away the top spot to someone that may have not done so hot in the past.